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Everybody’s got a story

We want to hear yours. How did you get your ticket? Were you guilty, innocent or something else? Was the cop an @$$hole? What did he do? What did you do? What did the other people in the vehicle do? Did the people nearby get any photos or video? We’d love to see them. Post it all here and we’ll make sure the world sees and hears all about your ticket.

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3 Comments on “Everybody’s got a story

  1. My story starts on a street where I used to work. It was a cul-de-sac that intersected a bigger street with poor visibility. There was a “No Turn on Red” sign at that intersection.

    I turned on red and got pulled over. I opted to go to court because I knew the judge would see I was wrongfully accused. I took pictures of branches in front of the sign and calculated how far they were and how long it would take to get to the point where I could see the sign, even at slow speed. According to my explanation, it was impossible to see the sign before turning your head away to look for traffic. My calculations and pictures were brilliant. At least I thought so.

    When it was all done the judge handed me back my photos and note pad, looked me in the eye and said, “so”. It wasn’t really a question but I didn’t have an answer for it anyway. He told me to step back and declared me guilty and I was off to traffic school.

  2. My story is brief. I know that while driving, I should not to listen to music that excites me too much as the excitement makes me drive faster without noticing increased speed.
    On feb 15 I was listening to a talk radio show about the tragic high school shooting massacre in Florida. I heard a shocking and shameful statistic : that there are more retail shops selling guns in the USA than there are Starbucks all around the entire world!!!
    I was so stunned and angered by the valentines day slaughter in my country and by this statistic, that I didn’t even notice that I was speeding. No point in mentioning USA gun troubles to a police officer, I took the ticket with no argument. I had violated a law, and as a patriotic ,honest citizen, I accepted the consequence. I can never remember my online passwords, but in this course it was easy : Starbucks!!!

    • I will add that, I am grateful to have been stopped and that I was made aware of my dangerous speeding violation. The insanity of USA gun deaths are no excuse for my potential cause of a death caused by my driving negligence. I freely admit that there is no excuse for my speeding violation. I am grateful to the hard work of traffic authorities in our great nation.

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